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Copyright notice: Permission to use this database for purely research or educational purposes is granted. No commercial exploitation of this database is permitted unless permission has been obtained separately from UNIVERSITAET OLDENBURG (contact adress: Copyright 2009, Medizinische Physik, Universitaet Oldenburg, Germany. All rights reserved.

OLLO2.0_README.ZIP Corpus description (6 kB)
OLLO2.0_NO.ZIP Audio data package 1/5: German speakers (1 - 10), no dialect (846 MB)
OLLO2.0_EF.ZIP Audio data package 2/5: German speakers 11 - 20, East Frisian dialect (898 MB)
OLLO2.0_BV.ZIP Audio data package 3/5: German speakers 21 - 30, Bavarian dialect (824 MB)
OLLO2.0_EP.ZIP Audio data package 4/5: German speakers 31 - 40, Eastphalian dialect (905 MB)
OLLO2.0_FR.ZIP Audio data package 5/5: French speakers 41 - 50 (1128 MB)
Two different suggestions on how the OLLO corpus can be divided in train- and test set (e.g. to evaluate the performance of different ASR systems by using the same training and testlists).
OLLO2.0_LABELS.ZIP The OLLO corpus was phonetically time-labeled, i.e., temporal positions of phoneme boundaries have been determined automatically for each utterance, making it suitable for tasks such as training of phoneme recognizers (31 MB).
OLLO2.0_CALIBRATION.ZIP Calibration sound files and normalization constants for all audio files, which can be used to determine the original recording level (8 MB)



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