Welcome, here comes some more information about my

recent research activities:

I studied physics at the university of Göttingen and finished with my master's degree in physics in April 1993. As a student of M. R. Schroeder at Drittes Physikalisches Institut, University of Göttingen, I worked on a my master thesis "Untersuchung einer Methode zur Bestimmung der Nachhallzeit aus Musiksignalen".
In 1993/1994 I had the possibility to carry on further researchin room acoustics and musical acoustics at The Acoustics Laboratory (now called "Department of Acoustic Technology"), Technical University of Denmark, granted by a scholarship of DAAD (i.e. German Academic Exchange Service).

Since September 1994, I have been a Ph.D. student, working on my thesis in the work group Medical Physics at the University of Oldenburg, Germany. I'm associated member of the graduate college of psychoacoustics, University of Oldenburg.

I am currently investigating a method of objective speech quality measurement for narrow band telephone codecs which incorporates psychoacoustically motivated signal processing. Special emphasis is put on the investigation and application of a universal psychoacoustical model, in collaboration with other members of the graduate college of psychoacoustics.

Affiliation:  Martin Hansen
              AG Medizinische Physik
              Universitšt Oldenburg
              D-26111 Oldenburg
        Tel:  (+49) 441 798-3528        
        Fax:  (+49) 441 798-3698
      Email:  martin@medi.physik.uni-oldenburg.de