Objective Speech Quality Measures

This is the page about the activities in Objective Speech Transmission Quality Measurement within the workgroup "Medizinische Physik" at the University of Oldenburg

Working on Objective Speech Quality Measures: Martin Hansen.

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Hansen, M.
Assessment and prediction of speech transmission quality with an auditory processing model
Dissertation, 1998

Hansen, M. and Kollmeier, B.
Continuous Assessment and Modeling of Speech Transmission Quality, (Preprint)
To appear in: ASA/ICA '98, Seattle, Jun, 1998.
also available to download it (gziped, 40k)

Hansen, M. and Kollmeier, B.
Using a quantitative Psychoacoustical Signal Representation for Objective Speech Quality Measurement,
ICASSP'97, 1387-1390, Munich, 1997.
also available to download it (gziped, 57k)

Hansen, M. and Kollmeier, B.
On the relative importance of individual critical bands for the perception of speech quality,
7th Oldenburg Symposium on Psychological Acoustics, 611-618, BIS, Oldenburg, 1997.
also available to download it (gziped, 74k)

Hansen, M. and Kollmeier, B.
Implementation of a psychoacoustical preprocessing model for sound quality measurement,
ESCA Tutorial and Workshop on The Auditory Basis of Speech Perception, 79-82, Keele, July 15-19, 1996.
download it (gzipped, 110kB).

Hansen, M. and Kollmeier, B.
Prediction of Speech Quality based on Psychoacoustical Preprocessing Measures,
Workshop on Quality Assessment in Speech, Audio and Image Communication, Proceedings, S. 7-12. ITG/EURASIP, Darmstadt, 1996.
Abstract of the paper, or download it (gzipped, 40kB)

Hansen, M., Dau, T. and Kollmeier, B.
Objektive Sprachqualitätsvorhersage mittels einer gehörorientierten Vorverarbeitung,
Fortschritte der Akustik - DAGA 96, ed. T. Portele, W. Hess, pp. 496-497, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik e.V., Oldenburg, 1996.

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