RAZR - Perceptually plausible room acoustics simulation


Site under construction. Posted Wednesday, April 18, 2018 by Stephan Ewert
Immersive and convincing acoustics in virtual reality applications require computationally highly efficient methods. Our fast and perceptually plausible room acoustics simulator RAZR [Wendt, T., van de Par, S., Ewert, S. D. (2014). "A computationally-efficient and perceptually-plausible algorithm for binaural room impulse response simulation," J. Audio Engineering Soc., vol. 62 (11), 748-766.] approaches this demand by drastic simplifications with respect to physical accuracy, while focusing on human perception to achieve immersive and plausible simulations.

The current research version of RAZR is available on www.github.com/torbenWendt/RAZR.

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