curriculum vitae

personal data
                 name  Joachim Neumann
                 born  August 20th 1963 in Hannover, Germany
       marital status  unmarried
          nationality  German

          1969 - 1974  primary school in Hannover
          1974 - 1983  secondary school in Hannover and Oldenburg
             may 1983  final examination (grade 1.5)

civil service
          1983 - 1984  civil service in the university clinic 
                       in Göttingen

  Dec 1984 - Oct 1985  North- und Eastafrika
          Sommer 1989  Thailand/Indonesia
          Summer 1991  Philippines
             Dec 1991  New York
          Summer 1993  California
          Summer 1994  Boston
      Oct 1985 - 1991  physics studies at the Georg-August 
                       University Göttingen
           since 1989  senior laboratory assistent at the 
                       Drittes Physikalisches Institut at 
                       the University Göttingen
             Oct 1991  diplom (masters) in physics (grade: very good) 
                       title of theses: development and application 
                       of optimized stimuli for otoacoustic emissions,
                       supervised by Prof. M.R. Schroeder“
       since Nov 1991  Research on objective audiometry. 
           April 1993  member of the medical physics group in Oldenburg   
        „              (Prof. Dr. Dr. B. Kollmeier), studies on the 
                       synchronisation of otoacoustic emissions and on 
                       a new method to detect the acoustic reflex
             Feb 1996  PhD "magna cum laude"   
       since Jan 1996  scientist at the Humboldt-University Berlin