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Ronny Meyer


Ronny Meyer
Medical Physics Section
Carl von Ossietzky-Universität Oldenburg
D-26111 Oldenburg

e-mail: ronny.meyer_AT_uni-oldenburg.de
phone: +49 441 798-3344
fax:     +49 441 798-3902
office location: W2-2-262

Signal Processing for Hearing Aids

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I am currently working for the Medical Physics Group at the University of Oldenburg, where I work in the EU-project HEARCOM.

Diplomarbeit 'Sequentielle Monte Carlo Verfahren zur kombinierten Grundfrequenz- und Richtungsschätzung aus binauralen Audiosignalen' , Universität Oldenburg, Septemeber 2004.

Bayesian Estimation, Sequential Monte-Methods (SMC, Particle Filters), Localisation of speechsignals, Pitchestimation of one and several voices, Speakersegregation, Noisereduction,Neuronal Networks, Fuzzy-Methods

My research interests in Physics are widespread, but concentrate at large on estimation and forecasting.

One of my main research interests is digital signal processing especially speech processing and coding. My minor subject during my study was Computer Sciences where I attended lectures on image processing, neuro- and fuzzy methods and C/C++.

During my diploma thesis, which I wrote in the interdisciplinary field of the Medical Physics Group, I focussed on sound source separation by multipitch estimation of superimposed speech signals. I implemented an algorithm for multipitch estimation of two vowels in MATLAB. The topic for my diploma thesis was inspired by the application of stochastic calculus and probability theory (sequential monte carlo methods) in speech processing.

I am also interested in applications of probability theory in finance. I attended several lectures and a summer school on stochastic models of finance.

Major field of study
Digital Signalprocessing, Hearingresearch, Speech/Audio processing,
Stochastic of Financialmarkets (Econophysics)

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